Did you know that health services providers lose millions of pesos monthly?

It is very common to see that the lack of knowledge about regulations of the health sector leads to processes being carried out incorrectly , so  Glosess are made at the time of charging for the services provided. These glosses are objections to the billing presented, so many of these bills end up being negotiated at a loss for the ones who provided the service, due to errors in the billing or  misdescription in the medical record.

After living the same situation, the idea arises in 2015 to build a platform that helps the health sector to reduce this type of errors and thus is born, a platform where health institutions and anyone finds all the Colombian health standards in a single search engine. At you can find thousands of regulations since 1938 to the present, as this platform is updated daily with each regulation issued by the different control bodies. At you also have access to tools that help to reduce process time and minimize money loss. We will talk about these tools later in this White Paper.

With  NormasSalud´s tools and content we have helped thousands of people to improve their processes, lowering the level of administrative gloss and account returns by up to 80 or 90%, all of this supported by current regulations.

Legal warning 

This White Paper is a document that allows us to show you all the benefits that you can obtain in and to know what the platform is about, its tools and support, but it is not an investment recommendation. Since it is your responsibility to make the best investment decisions based on your own analysis and in-depth knowledge of the projects.

Description of the problem and Market


Imagine having your billing for services rendered and not being able to collect it!

This happens a lot in the health sector and directly affects users because coverage is lost in the provision of services, there are even institutions that go bankrupt because of it.

Why is this happening?

There are several factors such as the misuse of resources, poor billing, poorly completed medical records, RIPS that do not pass validations and delay filing, among others.  All of this also leads to objections (Glosses), returns of accounts and we can also add the non-timely payment of some insurers and others responsible for paying for the provision of health services.

A bad result!

After all these losses of money and delays in payments  the health service provider suffers a lot due to lack of resources, which leads to delays in payments to officials such as doctors, nurses and administrative staff, non-payment to suppliers and also cut staff. All this is reflected in a poor provision of services to patients because they can no longer provide full coverage of care.


A big problem that we have seen in most health institutions is that they have constant staff turnover, which means that outgoing officials leave with all the knowledge of each institution’s process, especially in the billing area.  This is because in most cases the salaries of these billers are low and the officials end up looking for a better opportunity. In this case, the institution does not understand that a good work group and adequate training in the processes will allow it to provide better service, generate more income and minimize money losses.


Another big problem in the health sector is that the standards issued by the control agencies are very changeable, and this means that the IPS, EAPB and independent professionals can make mistakes in their service provision processes and in the information reports. So, among so many regulations that come out almost daily  it is difficult to know which of them should be applied by the institution according to the services it provides.

Among the flaws that we have also detected is that the health sector loses millions of pesos for not having traceability of billing and total services provided. This is seen in alarming amounts in their contracting by capitation, PGP among others, due to the fact that all services are charged without carrying out a correct audit because of the lack of tools that facilitate these traceability processes. This causes repeated or unnecessary services to be provided, leading to the institution losing money. It should be noted that it is very difficult to detect these errors manually.

Another imprtant issue the health sector suffers is the lack of Interoperability of clinical history and, What is this? It is simply the lack of connection between the clinical history registered by a  provider   in a medical consultation  you attend recurrently and the one registered by another health service provider you attend for an eventuality. This means that the staff that treats you in other institutions, such as a specialist doctor, does not have access to your complete medical history. Unless you carry a complete portfolio of papers with all your history, which does not guarantee that the doctor will read them one by one. For this case of lack of interoperability in Colombia  the Ministry of Health has taken a few small steps in terms of regulations and future guidelines.  However,  we must not forget the importance of  data protection and transparency in the use of this information, where technology BlockChain can provide a great contribution.


Educational content? Yes, one of the shortcomings in the sector is the difficulty in finding content such as courses where you can learn about those specific cases from day to day. Imagine an official suffering because he cannot find how to quickly make a report of the services provided in the last month of a health institution. That happens more frequently than you imagine, and the situation is aggravated when this report is suddenly requested due to events such as a meeting that has just started. Just as in this case, there are many in the internal processes of an institution, and the officials are fatigued by the workload and without the knowledge of certain processes or without digital tools that help them to lighten the tasks, so that the institution has better results.


Homologating Codes for billing is a headache! What is homologation?


In Colombia, health service provider institutions (IPS) and Benefit Plan Administrators make their health services contracting agreements based on tariff manuals such as the ISS 2001 and SOAT and also create packages among other negotiations such as PGP, Capitation and by event. The SOAT Tariff Manual is based on DECREE 2423 of  1996, which has its own coding list for procedures, and according to current regulations it is necessary that the procedures performed get billed with the codes of the Unique Classification of Procedures of Health (CUPS). Carrying out this crossing represents a headache for the institutions because the codes of decree 2423 have been fixed since 1996 and the CUPS have been changing according to the new procedures that are emerging and others that have been updated and divided with the pass the years This makes it necessary to have tools at hand that help facilitate the processes, as we have previously mentioned.





Market is made up of:

  • Public Hospitals including all levels of complexity of care
  • Private Health Service Provider Institutions (IPS) (All levels of care)
  • Private Clinics
  • Benefit Plan Management Companies (EAPB)
  • Secretaries of Health (Departmental and Municipal)
  • Health consulting companies.
  • Professionals: Doctors, Nurses, Health Billers, Public Accountants, Medical and Administrative Auditors, Lawyers, IT Personnel and anyone who wants to work in the health sector.
  • New Market: Worldwide users who love BlockChain technology and Play To Earn games.


Description of the product and how it will solve said problem.

Now you know some of the big problems that the health sector has. That is why was created for, a platform for knowledge management and tools to facilitate health processes and help avoid loss of money.

Imagine having a billing group that is clear about the current regulations, knowing in depth the services offered by the institution, tariff manuals and with easy-to-use tools to facilitate the processes! This allows for fewer returns, glosses, dammed billing, and would clearly lead to the institution having more revenue and less loss.

Here is everything you can achieve and find in


Surgeries Liquidator:

Liquidating a procedure that usually take hours can now be done in seconds with the NormasSalud Surgeries Liquidator. In many cases when surgical Services are provided, for example Orthopedics, and the billing or Quotes official needs to liquidate all the components that this procedure carries, can take even hours, depending on the experience of the oficial.  That is why we created this great tool to settle the procedures automatically  in seconds, where the official only has to add the CUPS code and the tool will calculate all the prices instantly, avoiding money losses and  minimizing  human errors that can be committed by lack of knowledge in health billing and rate manuals.


Standard Finder:

As mentioned before, health regulations are very changeable, that is why we leave at your disposal the Colombian health regulations since 1938, updated day by day in a single search engine to facilitate and speed up the search process.


Oxygen consumption liquidator:

When a patient spends a long time in hospitalization and in intermediate care and intensive care units the biller must add up and calculate the price of all those liters of oxygen, but be careful! This is done according to the quantities ordered by  doctors, which can be very variable for each patient during that stay, for example; Today the patient is receiving 3 liters of oxygen per minute but tomorrow he may require a greater or lesser amount of it, according to the assessment and medical order. So that’s where the NormaSalud Oxygen Liquidator tool allows you to calculate the total according to that sum of liters. Jus  imagine all the time that the biller can save and the errors that can be avoided with this tool, and thus the institution minimizes loss of money.


CUPS to SOAT Homologator:

Now the entire health sector have access to the only Homologator of SOAT codes of decree 2426 corresponding to medical, surgical and hospital procedures to CUPS Codes. This Homologator is a great help for providers of public, private, independent health services, insurers, among others. Best of all, it allows you to homologate the codes in seconds, so you can save time, minimize errors and lose money.


Digital Courses:

As already mentioned on this document, our goal is for the health sector to minimize money losses, save time in processes and reduce glosses and returns. That is why we create very practical digital courses such as RIPS (Individual Records of Provision of Health Services) course. Can you imagine being able to make a report of all  services that an institution has provided, in minutes? For example, reports on the 10 leading causes of patient consultation, drugs that were formulated the most, detailed billing and many other data that is relevant for the good management of a health institution. With NormasSalud RIPS Course you will learn step by step how to generate these reports in  few minutes, which will give you an enormous advantage and great results for the institution.


Clinical History Software:

It is essential that the clinical history be digital since it  allows  traceability of  patients`data  and the control of the recorded data, therefore errors are minimized. It also allows correct billing according to the services provided, making it clear that the good completion of  the clinical history is relevant.

In accordance with the foregoing, at NormasSalud we have clinical history software that allows providers to record data on the reason for consultation, patient history, medical order and other required fields, in accordance with current regulations.


Patient Safety Software:

There are many cases of adverse events that occur to patients during their visit or stay in a health institution, for example patients who fall from a stretcher. According to current regulations, all these cases must be reported, initially an internal report is made and then it is directed to the different control agencies. However, in many cases these sitatuationes are not reported  or are out of time due to the lack of patient safety tools that allow real-time communication. For this reason, at health institutions can find software exclusively for reporting adverse events in real time, allowing them to track how the event occurred and who reported it. In this way, the leader of the process will be able to have internal and direct communication  on the software through messages with the people who report the events. All this and the fact of having identified the cases generates enormous benefits in the process and in the constant improvement in favor of the patients and the institution.



Learn to minimize money losses? Yes! Now Health service providers can count on the support of NormasSalud in their billing processes. Since, our goal is to provide personalized support, where the staff is shown the step by step to carry out a good load of services provided in the areas of Emergency, Surgery, Hospitalization, ICU, among others. In addition, they are also taught to properly bill all these services. Can you imagine having the support to learn how to bill correctly and thus generate more income and less losses? It is an excellent service that institutions should not afford to lose.


Play To Earn game with learning:

Blockchain and Health Sector Gaming? The world of Video Games with BlockChain is gaining strength and has been widely accepted in the Crypto market because it offers its users the opportunity to earn money while playing. There are several examples of successful cases such as Decentraland, Sand, among others. These games have generated thousands of dollars for their users. A clear example is that you could buy virtual land with the Decentraland currency (Mana) at a price of $400 dollars and a few days ago those same lands were being sold at a price of 45,000 dollars, can you imagine obtaining that profitability?

The time  for the Health Sector to  participate in BlockChain and Crypto Games has come. That is why our goal is to bring BlockChain technologies closer to the health sector through a Play To Earn game called “Health on Fire”. This is not a simple game! as it will also bring knowledge about diseases, among other topics. Imagine yourself learning about some diseases and their prevention while  playing! That is what we are aiming for, as our goal is to bring health knowledge to people while they are making a profit playing.


In this game people will be able to fight monsters, buy and sell characters, buy weapons and medicines for the character, among others. In return, they will get rewards in Tokens which they can exchange for other currencies such as BNB and then transfer it to their bank accounts, if they prefer to.


Support program for children with cancer.  

 In all these years of experience in the sector, we have found multiple cases of children from low-income families with cancer who face major problems, such as delays in carrying out consultations, diagnostic tests, among others, due to administrative procedures. This delays the start of timely cancer treatment in these children. Specialized consultations or private examinations are expensive and a family without resources will not be able to pay for these services in a private way. That forces them to wait until the authorizations are generated by the insurer and their availability. That is why at NormasSalud we have all the determination to help these children and we will do so by allocating a percentage of the token  to this beautiful cause. With your support we will help to generate changes in the lives of many families who really need it.  

  1. We will create alliances with insurers and health service providers to help streamline administrative procedures so that prompt service is provided to these children.
  2. Resources will be assigned to pay for specialized consultations and tests such as ultrasounds, among others, in cases where it is urgent for a diagnosis and it is not achieved through the payer. This will save many lives because many types of cancer progress due to delays in diagnostic tests.
  3. Ambulance transfers for children who have medical appointments or pending procedures and who do not feel well or it is difficult to take them on public transport, we will give all the support by paying the service to an allied provider. They will also receive food support when they have appointments outside of their hometown. It is very common to see that in the city where the patients live there are not certain specialties required for the treatment of children and they are transferred to another city. At that moment another great problem begins for these low-income families due to the need for lodging, food and cleaning supplies. For this purpose, funds will also be allocated and financial support will be provided in a controlled and organized manner.
  4. Psychological support and social work. These aspects are very important because families who have children with Cancer go through many emotional ups and downs and there is really very little support that we have seen in these areas. We will also support them by meeting their food needs because we really know many cases where, for example, the child does not have fruits, vegetables, among other supplements in their diet, since, as we have mentioned, they are low-income families.
  5. Recreational and artistic activities will be carried out. For this purpose, recreationists and other specialized people will be hired and thus ensure that these children and their families have amazing days, generating moments of happiness in the midst of all the suffering that patients with these pathologies and their families have.
  6. In cases of terminal cancer, children will be supported with care in their homes by doctors and nurses for palliative care. This will contribute to a better quality of life and minimize their suffering.

NORS token will really bring a lot of blessings to these families, because with the allocated fund we will be able to change lives. Our commitment is to give a responsible administration to these resources and also to show you as investors the results.


Token: NORS


Nors is a utility token created on the Binance Smart Chain. It was issued with the purpose of allowing people to pay for content and digital tools focused on the health sector.

Can you imagine connecting the entire health sector with BlockChain and Crypto technologies?

We know many cases of officials from health institutions (doctors, nurses, billers, administrators) who want to invest or create projects in BlockChain and cryptos, but are afraid because they do not know much about the subject or have heard about people who have been scammed, since in this crypto world there many peopleho who take advantage to create scams. That is why we are excited to tell you that our goal is to work hard using our extensive knowledge and experience in health sector of 15 years working for health institutions and 6 years as a platform, in addition to the experiences lived in the crypto sector since 2017, to show through the token NORS that there are good, serious projects in which you can participate and obtain benefits. We are going to be carrying out this task in different scenarios such as events, social networks, subscribers, paid advertising, among others. In addition, let me tell you that NormasSalud has more than 13,000 followers on the LinkedIn network of professionals and more than 7,000 subscribers on its platform, who benefit from tools such as the CUPS to SOAT Homologator. That is why our focus is to create content that allows a greater adoption of BlockChain technology in the Health sector.


Thinking on  the benefit of the entire community, only 69.103.201 tokens were issued and  will be distributed as detailed below.


As you have seen on this document, the health sector requires digital tools that allow processes to be automated and  NormasSalud  is designing new tools for it. That  is why 20% was allocated to strengthen the platform and thus facilitate processes for thousands of people of the health sector.

In addition, our goal is for the community to get benefit of those tools. So,  a percentage has been allocated for the development of the game and also to reward users who interact in the game.



As has been mentioned, has helped thousands of people in the health sector with tools since 2016 and we are happy to show you in this RoadMap everything that is coming to bring this sector closer to technologies such as BlockChain and Cryptos.

Today you have the opportunity to be part of a great community. So, together we can provide tools to help the health system to improve

White Paper version 1.0. reserves the right to modify this document whenever necessary. Seeking to generate updates that allow it to grow for the benefit of the entire community.